GAICAM Founding Body Makes Massive Changes in Organisational

Following the massive changes in our organization, our chief of communication sat down with the Executive Director Mr Taminang Search to know more about the changes and the future of GAICAM. Follow our conversation below.


Tell us about GAICAM and her journey

GAICAM is a non-governmental, not-for-profit and nonpolitical organization whose vision is to transform lives and promote social and economic growth across Africa; empowering young people and strengthening vulnerable communities so they live their aspirations, while contributing to community development. For the past 8 years, GAICAM has reached and touched the lives of more than 33,000 young people in Cameroon, and ultimately those of other nationalities, working in line with the United Nations Global Compact, promoting some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as well as other global goals such as the African Union Agenda 63, Commonwealth Core Values and others.

Just as the journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step, so was how the journey of GAICAM started in 2013. We founded GAICAM in 2013, when we saw that there was a great need to respond and support orphans and needy children who really wanted to school like other children but lack the means to do so. We created a project called No-Child Left behind and started supporting needy children with access to education. Later we launched the No-Student Left Behind project 2014, a two years project for secondary schools, designed to equip students with the necessary tools to enable them attain their academic aspirations, paving the way for them to support their families and build better communities. We visited and organized capacity building seminars in 137 secondary schools of both day and evening in Cameroon, impacting more than 15000 students.

The Journey of GAICAM has been an impactful journey, with over 31 projects executed, touching over 33.000 direct lives and almost 80,000 indirect lives.


Have there been challenges for the past 8 years?

Yes of course! There is no institution that can boast of operating void of any challenges. GAICAM just like other institutions have suffered some major and minor challenges in the past 8 years. The first being the general problem of funds for most NGOs in developing counties like ours; securing donors and loyal partners for major projects of the organization. It has been a major challenge securing loyal and permanent donors for the organization. However, we kept delivering the results. The major and the most severe challenge we have faced as an organization was when we lost out office and all our assets in Buea in late 2018 to the ongoing arm-conflict in the two English regions of Cameroon. That was a major hit to the organization, as we were brought back to zero, with everything we have acquired gone. We relocated to Yaounde, the capital City of Cameroon as an internally displaced organization, with no space to call our own, after working from home for six (6) months. The displacement caused us a lot, especially as we had to start afresh, thus significantly affecting our planned activities. It was terrible and unimaginable, as we left for Yaounde not knowing where we were to find refuge. With just a desktop and some few documents, we arrived Yaounde as an internally displaced organization, yet reassured ourselves of the adage that says “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”

It was indeed difficult and challenging, yet we remained committed to the course of our vision. As a leader, I had to ensure that our course remain the ultimate. We sacrificed everything we got to ensure that we survive the storm, and I am glad we came out strong. .


Despite the challenges you have mentioned above and others you might not have mentioned, have they been any recorded impact of GAICAM for the past 8 years of existence?

Absolutely, GAICAM has recorded a lot of achievement during her 8 years of existence. There have been visible impact of GAICAM across Cameroon. Our programs and activities have impacted over 33,000 lives that I cannot articulate all now, but I would like you to visit to read more about our impact across Cameroon and Africa.


Sir, we learned that GAICAM has made some major changes into its vision that will give the organization the opportunity to reach and touch more lives, not just in Cameroon like previously, but across Africa and the world. Please tell us about these changes and why GAICAM decided to embark on those changes.

Thank you for this important question regarding the new status of our organization. The Executive Council of GAICAM, which is the Supreme body of the organization had an extraordinary session late March 2021, with an agenda to review the visible impact of the organization for the past 8 years and re-strategize the organization’s activities for more impact across the globe; and discussed on the need to revise the vision according to article 8, sub section 1 of our preamble.  After a seasoned deliberation, the Council voted on the following changes in the organization;

  1. Henceforth, the official name of the organization shall be ‘‘GAICAM International’’, with a new logo that supports the new vision of the organization.
  2. -The new vision of the organization shall be to; ‘Transform Lives, Promote Social and Economic Growth in Africa and across the globe’
  3. GAICAM International shall henceforth run two Impact Award programs; ‘Cameroon Heroes Award and African Heroes Award’, with the maiden edition of the African Heroes Award scheduled to be hosted in the year 2022.
  4. GIEYOLEF, GIPIP and GATAF have been officially added to the list of other annual programs of the GAICAM International.
  5. The daily activities of GAICAM International are to be managed by a National Coordinator/Deputy Executive Director in each host country, who reports to the Executive Director, and then to the Founding President/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization.
  6. The new areas of intervention of the organization are; Community development and the promotion of excellence and hard work, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development, Skills Acquisition and talent Development, Women and girl child empowerment, SEMs Financing and Support, Conservation of biodiversity and environment protection, as well as Health, Education and humanitarian response.

We have started implementing the changes and have at most 90 days to completely upgrade all symbols of the organization to its new status.


Sir, I must admit that these changes are huge and very necessary based on what you have explained above. On that note, I want to believe that these changes comes with new needs. What could be the need of GAICAM International at this stage?

Our founding project (No-Child Left Behind) remain our top priority for now, though we have other very important projects like the African Heroes Award, Cameroon Heroes Award, GAILEF and others. We have a target to offer scholarships to 500 orphans and needy children in the next academic year, and that is our most important need as of now and we need partners, donors and others to get this done.


Thank you immensely sir, I must confess it was a pleasure interviewing you. I wish you and the entire top management of GAICAM International the best of achievement with this new vision of the organization.

Thank you! The pleasure was mind.

I am available always in case you need more information on any of our upcoming activities.


Thank you Sir!

God Bless You,

God bless GAICAM |International.


Click HERE to download the official announcement in English, and HERE to download the French Version



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