Organization Structure of GAICAM International

  1. The Executive Council (General Assembly)

This is the supreme body of GAICAM International, it is made up of the founding members and meets twice (02) a year in ordinary session. The President of the Executive Council, also known as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization is charge with protection the vision of the organization. He work in close collaboration with the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees to ensure the implementation of the policies of the Board which is in charge of defining the policies of the organization.


  1. The Board of Trustees

This is the executive body of GAICAM International, it is elected for a period of two years by the Executive Council and meets once (01) a month. It is responsible for defining the general policy, the strategic vision of the organization and the implementation of the organization’s programs. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees presides over the functioning of the Board and has the broadest powers granted to him by the organizational legal status and the internal regulations to act on behalf of the origination in relation to third parties.


  1. The Executive Board

The Executive Management is the permanent administrative body of GAICAM International which is responsible for carrying out the missions of the organization in accordance with the policies determined by the Board of Trustees. Headed by an Executive Director, it participates in the formulation of lines of thought on the development of activities as well as in the promotion of the values advocated by GAICAM International.


  1. The commissions

Tailored commissions are established when in need, and constituted by voluntary members and chaired by a member of the Board of Trustees. It is assisted by the Board of Trustees, Chief Executive Officer, and the departments of the Executive Management, which ensure the mission of reporter.



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