Created with a vision to Transform Lives and Promote Growth in Cameroon and Africa at large, Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) is a Social Transformative Organization whose vision has touched the lives of thousands of young Cameroonians, and ultimately those of other nationalities.
GAICAM is working in line with the United Nation Global Compact, promoting one of the Sustainable Development Goals; with focus on goal 17: Partnership for the goals; especially on improving access for knowledge and highly sorted skills among young people. We are equally committed in promoting the Commonwealth Core Values and Principles as a way life for young people, especially with respect to; Sustainable Development, Youth Empowerment, Tolerance, Mutual Respect and Understanding, and Respect for the Rule of Law.

Our quest to Transform Lives and Promote Growth in Cameroon and Africa has prompted us to act accordingly by designing programs and projects that would help empower youths with sustainable skills so they could fully engage in the transformation of their respective nations. These programs are expected to enable these young people dare and create business ventures that will serve as a springboard for sustainable growth in their respective nations.

We understand and recognize the need to help students, graduates and the entire youthful population of Cameroon and Africa at large to think beyond the confines of their survival and certificates. We believe that every strong and vibrant nation in modern history has been built by visionaries whose patriotic hearts drove them to think beyond the confines of their very own survival; few men and women who challenged the normal status quo and focused on their creative and innovative abilities to create businesses and enterprises; individuals who have challenged themselves to find solutions to societal problems. These are the type of people we are training in Cameroon and Africa at large, so they can impact the economy of their respective nations, and that of the continent of Africa with innovative and sustainable projects that would propel growth.



To transform the lives of Cameroonian youths and ultimately those of other nationalities across Africa; empowering them with highly sorted skills, so they can become self-reliant; as such, promoting economic growth, reducing youth unemployment, improving youths economic potentials, and reducing crime in our communities.


To serve as a professional and sustainable platform, via our Training Programs, Projects, Annual Fellowships, Annual Conferences, and Professional Workshops/Seminars; where young people gain access to highly sorted sustainable skills, so they can be more proactive, innovative, creative, flexible, productive, industrious and resourceful to their nations.



  • To inspire, motivate, and empower youths with necessary sustainable skills that would enable them become innovative and visible change makers in their communities, become self-reliant, and create jobs for others. Helping them gainfully improve on their communication and creative skills, as well as their positive personality traits.
  • To train and develop the capacities of pace setters and true ambassadors of peace and development; young and vibrant transformative leaders who will engage directly in the development of their respective communities, and cause a transformative change in the lives of their community duelers.
  • To build bridges between potential entrepreneurs and investors, helping startup entrepreneurs, source for seed capital for their sustainable business ideas through the GAICAM Business Support (GBS) services; while enabling them create and sustain new businesses.
  • To significantly promote the spirit of patriotism and awaken national consciousness amongst youths, improving on their economic potentials through our Active Citizens Clubs, Peace Projects, and Radio Programs.
  • To promote women’s economic empowerment, gender equality and the education of the girl child; empowering them with Knowledge, skills and the competencies needed to enable them take meaningful decisions and continue to improve on their lots.



With our commitment to meetup with our target goals and objectives, we do continuously carryout the following activities:

  • We organize academic, motivational, and capacity building forums for youths in different towns and communities to gainfully debate their role in the sustainable development of their country, and on how they can discover and enhance their talents, creativity, and the much needed skills to help them live their dreams.
  • We organize special professional training programs in areas such as Leadership, Entrepreneurship, business sustainability, sales mobilization, career planning, job readiness skills, talent discovery, mindset development, and many more, via our Professional Skills Acquisition Centre.
  • We organize GAICAM Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurial Fellowship as an effort to invest in the next generation of Cameroonian & African leaders, as well as potential entrepreneurs who will serve as pavements to the growth we seek.
  • Through GBS Services, we help startups source seed capital for their business ideas, while helping to reduce the windup rate of credible business ideas because of lack of seed capital to launch those ideas into full business ventures.
  • Through our Women Empowerment program, we periodically and annually organize Women Empowerment Conferences, Single Conference, seminars and others, all geared towards promoting women’s economic empowerment, gender equality and the education of the girl child; empowering the women with Knowledge, skills and the competencies needed to enable them take meaningful decisions and continue to improve on their lots.
  • We continuously publish academic and life transforming books, capable of impacting and transforming the lives of the readers. Publications address particular problems in the society affecting the livelihood of our readers.



  • The GAICAM Professional Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and others, all geared towards youth sustainable skills development has influenced the creation, as well as sustain the existence of over 21 businesses; while directly and indirectly impacting the lives of more than 6500 young Cameroonians.
  • The GAICAM Annual Fellowships has for the past 3 editions, trained 98 young leaders and entrepreneurs from across 8 regions in Cameroon, with 40 start-ups businesses created, while creating more jobs opportunities, and reducing youth unemployment. It has equally trained many young leaders, some of which are now leading great initiatives.
  • The GAICAM Active Citizens Clubs of both the University of Buea and the Higher Institute of Management Studies has for the past 2 years trained and physical impacted 500 young Cameroonians and ultimately those of other nationalities.
  • The GAICAM Annual Children Christmas Parties, has for the past four editions impacted and put smiles on the faces of over 4000 children, especially the orphans and needy children; encouraging then on how co-exist and share with others.



  • Career Management
  • Job Search Counseling.
  • Job Interview Techniques Counseling
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Transformative Leadership Training
  • Event planning & report writing
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Customer Service & Human Capita
  • Business Administration Training.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Development



  • Take a training with us,
  • Donate/Support our Initiative financially or material wise.
  • Become our Partner,
  • Volunteer with us,
  • Become our Patron or Ambassador.

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