I am ANOH GWENDOLINE, a 2017 fellow of the GAICAM Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurial Fellowship, I count this a privilege to share with you my experience in the fellowship. I have never been exposed the way I was exposed during the GAICAM fellowship. It was a platform of its kind and I think this is a unique opportunity for me to share my story and the impact of this fellowship to my life.

Before coming for the fellowship, I was purely blank about certain issues such as practical leadership, entrepreneurship and very shy. Throughout my life, I have never been exposed to debate or to defend before a panel, but while in the fellowship, I was obliged to defend before a panel and my peers. I almost melted the first day because of fear, but later on I became bold to speak. I learned a lot I can’t be enumerating here now. I now know and can do many things I couldn’t do before the fellowship. Because of the practical leadership sessions and many on leadership that we were taught, I have started taking leadership responsibility in my community and currently volunteering with GAICAM. I now can talk and convince a target group without fear. My communication abilities have improved, and I can now work with diverse team with different cultural backgrounds, thanks to the GAICAM Annual Fellowship. The entrepreneurial courses during the fellowship has changed my mindset totally about business and today, I’m proud to say I’m running a small fast-food startup, and hoping it will expand soon to a big brand.

For you reading from me, I wish to tell you to believe in GAICAM, it is truly a platform you can rely on. I am telling you this out of experience and with my humble self as proof. GAICAM has changed my whole life and I will forever remain indebted to them.

May the Almighty God bless GAICAM staff and most especially Mr. Taminang Search, the Executive Director of GAICAM. Gracias!

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