Bessem Ako Sandra Agbor, testify of GAICAM

I am Bessem Ako Sandra Agbor, a final year Accounting student of the university of Buea.i have been a member of GAICAM for over a year now and GAICAM has transform me and made me to be self-reliant. GAICAM has taught me that succeeding after school is not all about writing concours and having a matriculation number with the government, but that I can become my own boss and employ others. I believe our purpose on earth can only be fully exploited if we get expose by organisations like GAICAM so we don’t just exist through life, but add value to our society. I am more optimistic than ever before, thanks to GAICAM. I lack words to express my gratitude to GAICAM, because I’m today the pride of my family because of what GAICAM taught me through its trainings. GAICAM is an amazing organization, and I must say a big “thank you” to my Role model Mr. Taminang Search, the Executive Director of GAICAM.

Friends, let’s dream big and think out of the box with GAICAM. With GAICAM, there is no weakness or limitations because they always enhance weaknessess and empower the youths with sustainable skills for a better tomorrow.

To all the sponsors and partners of GAICAM, I will say without fear nor favour that GAICAM is a credible organization with lots to prove its worth, and you will never regret one bit because you are influencing the society positively through GAICAM and posterity shall favour you from one generation to another.

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