A Cal for Administrative Volunteers

Mindful of decision No. 000283/20/GAICAM/EXC/ED/ modifying the chart of responsibility of GAICAM, Mindful of the new phase of GAICAM and its commitment to give young professionals the opportunity to develop their careers and be part a vision bigger than themselves, The Management of Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) is pleased to inform the general public that


The Minister of MINPMEESA honored with the CAMEROON HERO OF VALOR Award

Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon, through its GAICAM Impact Award visited the Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts (MINPMEESA) to present the 2019 CAMEROON HEROES OF VALOR to H.E. ACHILLE BASSILEKIN III. Go-Africa initiative Cameroun, à travers “GAICAM  IMPACT AWARD” a rendu visite au Ministère des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, de l’Economie Sociale



Innovation can keep children studying despite crises. The COVID-19 situation in Cameroon is rapidly evolving, with dozens of new cases reported each day. Adding to the current challenges linked to conflict and political tensions, COVID-19 puts our national education system under increased pressure. It was in response to this pandemic that the government of Cameroon



On Tuesday 12th May 2020, the Executive Director of GAICAM, Mr. Taminang Search, handed the active management of GAICAM general affairs to a younger team which has undergone intense training since the start of this year. GAICAM is also delighted  to announce that for the first time since the inception of the organization, the affairs


GAICAM pre-admits’ 81 applicants for the 2020 GAICAM International Fellowship

GAICAM pre-admits’ 81 applicants for the 2020 GAICAM International Fellowship The GAICAM Fellowship Team is delighted to announce to the general public that the first phase of registration for the 5th Edition of the GAICAM International Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship went on successfully, and all successful candidates have been formerly notified through an official mail