Cameroon Heroes Award is an annual Impact Award ceremony organized and spearheaded by Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) and partners to; Identify, Recognize, Encourage, Promote and Honor remarkable Individuals, Organizations, Associations, Public Institutions, And Corporate Structures who are championing extraordinary initiatives that have significantly contributed to the social, economic, and cultural development of their communities and  Cameroon at large. It is designed to share the untold stories of these remarkable individuals and corporate entities, while projecting how they are giving back and changing lives in their communities towards national growth and development.



The preoccupation of this award ceremony is to;

  • Recognize, encourage, promote and honor remarkable individuals, corporate structures, public institutions, organizations and companies that are engaged in activities that create outstanding impact in the lives of Cameroonians, and in effect, contributing to the growth and development of Cameroon.
  • Reward and share the untold stories of extraordinary people and institutions that are contributing immensely to the growth of their communities, and the nation at large.
  • Significantly awaken national consciousness and the spirit of patriotism amongst Cameroonians, boosting their contribution to national growth and development.
  • Inspire others to engage in productive, innovative and creativity initiatives.
  • Promote Cameroonians in different sectors who are championing the course of their professions, inspiring change and innovations in their fields, while impacting lives.
  • Promote hard work and encourage others who take initiative to add value to the lives of others.
  • Provide a suitable platform through which other organizations and institutions can use to reward excellence and hard work within their organization.



In regards to the fact that this award is purely focus on impact in our communities; sharing the untold stories of remarkable people and institutions contributing so immensely to the growth and development of our nation, we are very optimistic that this act of recognition will go a long way to spur up lots of initiatives and encourage participation to national growth, creating more job opportunities, reducing employment and crime waves in our various communities.



The following reasons are clear facts why this award should be supported by every patriotic citizen of this great nation – Cameroon;

  1. The Cameroon Heroes Award is the pride of the nation of Cameroon, which should be organized with greater support from the state, state elites and every patriotic citizen, especially in times when the nation is being challenged, so as to encourage those who are contributing immensely to our growth, despite the distractions.
  2. The Cameroon Heroes Award should stand out from other awards, given that the award seek to recognize people and entities who are contributing immensely to the growth and development of our Fatherland.
  3. Our Fatherland is currently being challenged, and it is time to find sustainable ways of promoting peace and national cohesion across the national territory, which we strongly believe that the Cameroon Heroes Award is a good tool to foster peace in our communities, especially as many Cameroonians will start emulating the works of the heroes, so as to be recognize subsequently.
  4. The Cameroon Heroes Award is a good avenue to drive development cross the national frontiers; promoting sustainable peace and national growth.
  5. The award recognition will significantly spur up lots of initiatives across the national frontiers, encouraging participation to national growth, while promoting the spirit of patriotism among Cameroonians, and creating more job opportunities, reducing employment and crime waves in our communities.


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