I am FORKUH FRITZ NKAMTA, a 2016 batch of the GAICAM Annual Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship, and the 2016/2017 batch of the GAICAM Active Citizens Club of the University of Buea. I’m currently working at the regional treasury Buea in the management account team and also anticipating to implement my already documented business plan very soon. As a member and someone who have been trained by GAICAM, I can say I’m proud of all the trainings of the organization, especially because I’m a testimony to the trainings.  Thanks to these trainings, today I can freely express myself in any congregation, celebration, and carry out any task or projects with the skills I learned from GAICAM. If I can do that, then u can also do same. Those of you who always feel shy and reluctant to perform any task, today I stand to testify that GAICAM can help you come out of your comfort zone. They can help you bring out your real potentials in you, and lead you to the path you have always wanted. I will use this opportunity to happily say a big thank you to GAICAM for making me who I am today.

To conclude, I will like to say if you really wish to support GAICAM, don’t think twice before doing so because we all can’t regret its activities and the skills we all developed through this amazing organization. Thanks to all who find the chance to go through this, God bless you all.

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