Our experiences in Youth skills development programs in Cameroon, reveals that students who get exposed at the level of secondary school before enrolling for university studies, usually end up doing well in the pursuit of their academic and career goals.

The GAICAM No Student Left behind Educational Project was designed to educate and empower students of secondary schools in Fako Division with the necessary tools that will enable them attain their academic aspirations, while perving the way for better future for their families and nation as a whole.

The project commenced with an officially launched on the 17th February 2018 by the Executive Director of GAICAM, with 46 students in attendance, drawn from across the BueaSub Division. During the launching, a full rundown of the project was unveiled to the students, stating the project core purpose, it’s objectives, methodology and its expected results.

During the occasion, Executive Director officially handing over the management of the project to the Administrative Assistant of GAICAM, Mr Francis Ajebe Sone, who them assume full responsibility over the success of the project.

It should be noted that this project was designed to run every Saturday for 15 weeks, holding at the GAICAM head office. Each week of the training program, students come from across 15 different secondary schools in the Buea Sub Division to attend. Their weekly programs usually last for at least four hours of intensive and interactive discussions.

The preoccupation of the No-Student Left Behind Educational Project is:

  • To train students on how they can study with a vision, study during crisis, as well as how they can effectively write and pass their exams.
  • To set attainable academic goals, manage their study time, as well as how they can manage exam examination pressure during exams time.
  • To educate students on how to choose sustainable careers in higher institutions.
  • To enable the students develop the spirit of patriotism for their nation, while thinking of how they on individual bases, contribute to the growth of their nation and community
  • To enable students identify and develop their potentials, so as to enable them live a purposeful driven life.
  • To exposed students to both national and international opportunities that are available to students of the secondary schools.

The success of the No-Student Left Behind Educational Project is huge, especially as it helped more than 80% of the participants to passed their 2018 G.C.E Exams. It was not just about academics, it was also about vision and the purpose of every student. It was really an amazing training, especially as among the students, we had identified musicians, journalist, writers, fashion designers and a lot more. Lots of these students have amazing talents and this project has helped to identify them. We have equally been working to improve on the various talents discovered; those who could sing has been given mentors to start working with their talents, while those with writing skills have been encouraged to be writing articles, some of which you can even find on our website.


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