Innovation can keep children studying despite crises. The COVID-19 situation in Cameroon is rapidly evolving, with dozens of new cases reported each day. Adding to the current challenges linked to conflict and political tensions, COVID-19 puts our national education system under increased pressure. It was in response to this pandemic that the government of Cameroon since March 18, 2020, implemented several restrictive measures among which the closure of schools, directly affecting the lives of over 7 million students across the country. With this, the Cameroon Education authorities resorted to the use of technological solutions to distance learning, through the use of ICTs.

There is no doubt; this resort would lead to a revolution in the Educational Sector of Cameroon. However, considering that Cameroon has for many years mainly observed the traditional Classroom system of learning, the bone of contention now is, can the Educational System in Cameroon conveniently adapt to the changes which have come as a result of COVID-19?

Following the suspension of schools in Cameroon as a result of this pandemic, GAICAM Policy Center (GPC), the Think Tank of Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) decided to organize a National Essay Competition (NEC) for all secondary and high school students in Cameroon. This competition is aimed at challenging young students to reflect deeply on what is needed most in Cameroon, especially in the Educational Sector, and also to make policy recommendations. This is equally geared at encouraging and promoting self-studies during this quarantine period of COVID-19. The theme of this essay is: “COVID-19: A New Dawn for Secondary Education in Cameroon’’. The competition will run from the 14th May to the 6th July, 2020. 


Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be a Cameroonian.
  2. Must be at most 20 years on or before the deadline of submission (July 6, 2020).
  3. Must submit a valid Identification Document (National Identity Card or Birth Certificate).

Essay Requirements:

  1. Essays must be written in English or French.
  2. Essays should range between 1000-1500 words.
  3. Essays must be exclusively unpublished works.
  4. The organization of ideas should meet the objectives of the subject treated, with varied relevant arguments and ideas.
  5. The essay should provide new content or critical analysis that could be used as a guide for decision makers.
  6. Findings and Recommendations should be clearly stated.
  7. The essay should be written in simple, clear and coherent language.
  8. The use of obscene language must be avoided.
  9. All information disclosed must be relevant and reliable.
  10. The essay must be typed with line spacing: 1.5, Font: TIMES NEW ROMAN and Font size: 12.
  11. The essay must be submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF).


The first three best essays; based on technical content and grammar, will be awarded success Certificates and prizes during the closing ceremony of the GAICAM International Fellowship in Yaounde, on the 17th of August, 2020. The Prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st prize:          30,000FCFA
  • 2nd prize:          25,000FCFA
  • 3rd prize:           15,000FCFA

All essays and scanned copy of National Identity Card (or birth certificate) should be sent to gaicampolicycentre@gaicam.org  with subject of the mail: GPC National Essay Competition. At least two (2) contacts of participants’ Parents or Guardians should be enclosed. The submission deadline is July 6, 2020 at 10:00PM. Do not miss this opportunity. Submission is FREE. For more information, contact: 678723204/651032659


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