GAICAM pre-admits’ 81 applicants for the 2020 GAICAM International Fellowship

GAICAM pre-admits’ 81 applicants for the 2020 GAICAM International Fellowship

The GAICAM Fellowship Team is delighted to announce to the general public that the first phase of registration for the 5th Edition of the GAICAM International Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship went on successfully, and all successful candidates have been formerly notified through an official mail to their respective emails.

We received a large number of applications, and after carefully reviewing all of them, the most eligible applicants were selected. The interview was conducted in two phases. The first phase ran from the 6th to 8th of April, 2020 and the second phase ran from the 13th to 15th of April, 2020. Each phase of the interview was conducted electronically and was characterized by 3 days of intense reflection.

Selection was done and 81 applicants who took part in the interview were shortlisted. All applicants who took part in the interview had an impressive performance, however, as the saying goes, “Many are called but few are chosen”.

Nonetheless, the second phase of Applications will be launched on the 27th of April and will run till the 30th of May, 2020. All potential leaders and entrepreneurs are invited to apply. Also, candidates who applied during the first phase and were not selected can try again.

The GAICAM team appreciates all who showed interest in being part of this edition, and for the time and energy invested in applying for the Fellowship.

GAICAM Fellowship Team.


Mendong – Yaounde,

Centre Region – Republic of Cameroon

Tel: (+237) 678 895 757/ 694 704 575/ 675 595 656


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  4. I must confess it was a great experience to come over this interview and was finally shortlisted amoung 81 applicants. Bless God for this great opportunity and looking forward to appear in this fellowship 2020 in Yaounde capital city of Cameroon.

  5. Alhamdllah for being preselected in the fellowship. I will do my best to make it a life experience. I’m very happy

  6. I am highly honored to have been shortlisted for the GAICAM 2020 Fellowship. I will make it a life experience

  7. Thanks for this opportunity. Just wish to know what are the modalities to apply.? Thanks.

  8. It was a beautiful experience and competing with 175 candidates shows how good the process will be. Keep raising outstanding individuals Shalom.

  9. It was an awesome experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity 🙏🙏🙏.

  10. Wish to know if you applied and you didn’t receive an email does it means u were not selected

  11. Is unfortunate , I did not take active part during the online interview because of poor net work. Mostly, I received infos related to the interview late and above 12:30pm. It is well! Congratulation to those who made it.

  12. it’s was a nice experience participating in this edition

  13. It was a great experience thanks for the opportunity.Gaicam International

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