On Tuesday 12th May 2020, the Executive Director of GAICAM, Mr. Taminang Search, handed the active management of GAICAM general affairs to a younger team which has undergone intense training since the start of this year.

GAICAM is also delighted  to announce that for the first time since the inception of the organization, the affairs of GAICAM will be managed by a female, in the person of; Mme Apum Etih Muriel, alongside other close collaborators as seen below;

APUM Etih Muriel as earlier mentioned is the new Director of Programmes and Administration of GAICAM.

NGWA Shu Princewill is the new Director of Policy & Development and Head of the GAICAM Policy Center.

BOMBEY Barbara Fahnwi is the new Communication & Dissemination Manager of GAICAM.

ANKIAMBOM Anthonia Funkuin is the new Operations & Logistics Manager of GAICAM.

MAIKAH Usla is the Interim Director of Finance & Control of GAICAM.

FONGU Folefac Fobella is the Interim Managing Director of GAICAM Impact Award.

The handing down of active management to a younger generation by the Executive Director gives them the opportunity to better serve and take the vision of GAICAM to the next level. Worthy of note is the fact, this is like a dream come true for the Executive Director of GAICAM as, last November, he publicly declared that he was looking forward to handing over the active leadership of GAICAM to a younger generation, and of course, he kept to his words.

The Executive Director of GAICAM has managed GAICAM since its creation, and has impacted thousands of lives in Cameroon and across Africa. Indeed it is time for him to assume a coaching role at GAICAM and give others the opportunity to live their aspirations. Thus, henceforth, he will play a less active role, as he planned to only intervene in the strategic management of the organization.

He offered a few words of encouragement to this new Management Team;

“I encourage these young professionals to take the vision of GAICAM to the next level; impacting more lives in Cameroon and across Africa. My desire see them leveraging the vision to the next level more than I ever did. I will be available at all times to give them maximum support, and help them in any way I can. Congratulations!”

What a great and memorable day indeed, in the History of GAICAM. �}�I�3�x�x�

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