Many years ago in Cameroon like in the rest of Africa, the place of the woman in a family was restricted to the kitchen and the farm with the task of expanding the family through child-bearing. This shielded the women’s potentials and limiting them in terms of their dreams and aspirations. For quarter some time in some developed communities in Cameroon and Africa, women were still not allowed to go to school for a simple reason that they would soon get married and leave for their husbands houses and as such, there was no need to be spending money on another man’s property. But today, women are in the center stage of education and development in those communities, as they are even more talented and intelligent. However, there are still communities, especially the remote ones which do not still believe educating the girl child. But as the continent develops and embraces progressive views, many have discovered how economically unproductive it was to restrict women from getting involved in gainful activities that could see them exercise their full potentials and improve on not only their livelihood and that of their family, but that of the society at large. Women today are not just capable of contributing to the growth of the family and nation; they are even more talented, intelligent, efficient and hard working.

There is therefore need for women all over Cameroon, Africa and the world to be empowered with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to enable them take meaningful decisions and continue to improve on their lot and to the society as a whole.


To improve women’s economic potentials, while enhancing their knowledge on technological, social and political spheres.



It is our preoccupation to:

  • To expose women to an environment that enables them to think out of the box and step out of their comfort/confined zones, which has so far kept them behind the men.
  • To provide women a suitable platform which enables them make their own choices and decisions in order to improve their economic and social wellbeing
  • To offer women equal opportunities to educate themselves through our educational programmes (Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship Development programme), which exposes them to equal opportunities in society, thus enabling them fit squarely in the society without any gender bias.

Given the above objectives and the fact that women in Cameroon, Africa and the world form around 57% or more of the population, and are equally as competent and talented as the men, GAICAM pledge is to take the issue of women empowerment as one of its top most priorities and is committed to providing opportunities to women in Cameroon through their women empowerment programmes. This is because empowering women and giving them the opportunity to take meaningful and gainful decisions on their own would:

  • Greatly reduce unemployment in our communities and improve the wellbeing of not just the women and their families, but the society as a whole.
  • Increase or lead to greater economic growth in our communities, and as such, the living standard of the people will be improved, leading to healthier lifestyle and a reduction in poverty levels.
  • Lastly and most importantly, it will greatly reduce domestic violence in our communities, corruption, HIV/AIDS, Promiscuity and other societal ills that result when women especially are not educated or economically empowered.

We are committed to promoting women’s economic empowerment and gender equality. We are dedicated to ensuring that women and girls throughout Cameroon, especially in remote areas have the rights to life, health, freedom and most importantly education.

You can volunteer with us and let’s jointly empower the Cameroonian women with the skills and knowledge that will enable them exercise their full potential in the economic, technological, political and social spheres and to take informed decisions that will enable them live their dreams. You can equally donate or support our ongoing training programmes designed to empower the women with skills so they can sign up for challenging ventures and contribute in meaningful ways to the growth of the Cameroon society.

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