The Impact of
Gaicam International

The Cameroon Heroes Award

This award program has significantly spur lots of initiatives across Cameroon’s national frontiers, encouraging participation to national growth, while promoting the spirit of patriotism among Cameroonians, and creation of more job opportunities, reducing employment and crime waves in different communities.

Since the inceptions of the award program, 3000+ Cameroonians and Cameroon based institutions have been nominated for the award, 373 shortlisted by the award commission, and 105 honored  for their immense contributions to the growth and development of Cameroon. Some of these persons includes; some of which are Ministers, Directors of top public institutions, businesses owners, civil society organizations and more.

GAICAM International Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship (GAILEF)

The past 5 editions of the Gaicam International Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship (GAILEF) has trained 338 young leaders and entrepreneurs from across Cameroon and Africa, with 83 startups businesses created so far, and 33 great community initiatives programs groomed from the program in five years.

The GAICAM International Fellowship have impacted more than 15000 indirect lives, especially as many of the entrepreneurs and young leaders groomed from the program are today championing lots of initiatives and creating more job opportunities in their communities, reducing youth unemployment and other social ills.