Hi everyone, I’m here to tell you guys a story about henry.

Henry was my every intelligent classmate. The boy was every intelligent that he won several scholarships He was so good in chemistry, biology, mathematics and you name it. He will study day and night and burn the mid night candles so that his parents will be proud of him, but it was rather ironical because they never paid any attention to him. They were very busy and never had time for him. He sorts for their attention to no avail. He once invited them at his school to wash him at a science fare but they preferred to travel for a Dubai business trip. He felt neglected and his heart was filled with grief and anger

Two weeks later, I discovered that henry had not been attending class and he even joined bad company at school. Also he failed his test and still his parent did not notice the changes in him. He kept late nights, visited clubs and even consumed alcohol. Henry got involved in the theft of money at the principal’s office and his parents were summoned and as usual they did not come so henry was expelled from school. He came home and decided to have nothing to do with schooling any more. His parents never bordered as they thought that he was old enough to make his own decisions in life. Henry later became a member of one of the most notorious ‘gang stars in town’ this marked the climax of his doom

Henry and his new group of friends took smoking, drinking and clubbing as their daily routine. Few months later, henry was diagnose of cancers of the lungs and he was dying in silence and his so called  parents did still notice the changes in him as he has gone so pale. When he started looking weaker and weaker his parents finally noticed and he was brought to the hospital although it was rather late but they say’ it is rather late than never’ but as others will s ay ‘never is kind than better’. The doctors later discovered that his lungs were completely damaged and so he needed an immediate transplant. His parents became worried and the feeling of remorse was written all over them and they regretted why they did not pay attention their only son as they were busy making money.

He was in coma for weeks because the right lungs for the transplant had not been found. The lungs were finally found and as the nurses had finished preparing the theatre for the operation, Henry dies his mom cried and said “ what is the use of all the money that we have been making if there is no child to enjoy it with us”. As usual we went to their house and sung mourning songs oh Oh WHAT A TRAGIC WASTE just as William loman in Authur Miller’s DEATH OF A SALESMAN.

S parents love your children because they are blessing from GOD. Apart from that we also need to support them in the best way possible and always be there for them at all times. Be part of their everyday life. Share their worries and their joy with them because when they grow up you will never have the opportunity to be close to them like they say “a bird at hand is worth more than thousands in the bush”.

Also, the philosophy about life is that whatever you sow you shall reap. The same way as Josiah Bounderby of coketown in Charles Dickens’ novel sowed the seeds of deceit and death was his reward. I greatly hope that this piece of art inspires you guys especially parents who are not treating their kids with the much love that they deserve. So let’s LOVE MORE, WORRY LESS IN OTHER TO GAIN MUCH……THANKS…



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