Permit me share with you on a very important issue yet very dangerous when ignored. I say it’s dangerous because so many of us hold on to things we shouldn’t, hence the reason for our persistent failure. Have you ever experienced an issue in your life and it seems you have swore to God never to let go?

Sometimes you just have to let go of things that weighs you down. Holding on to your painful past will hurt you and make you bitter. You can never progress, because you are holding on to things that will make you unproductive.

When your past keeps defining who you are, it means you have not transitioned to the present and you cannot move forward. Just like an egg, when it falls and breaks into pieces, it cannot be used but, it only takes a brave person to collect the pieces and turn it into a fried egg (something good) because he/she knows that’s all they have so can’t lose it.

Life has a way of teaching us to use what doesn’t seem possible into something good. Yes, your past may be very painful and no one might ever understand your pain or how you go about your things, but when you learn to capitalise on the positives in your past and not the negatives, it strengthens you to take up the pieces and turn things around. Some painful experiences are all we need to be strengthened and get more focused.

I don’t know what your situation might be but please let go of that situation with your partner, let go of the problem you encountered with your boss at work, let go of the failure you encountered in business, let go of the experience you had trying to pass that exams. Let Go and grow stronger.

Letting go of that pain will help you be at peace with yourself and also help you accept and love yourself. Remember, your painful past is like a raw data waiting to be used wisely. Just let go and wait to see the results it will produce.

#Kampi Laari Robert

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  4. fully packed educative…. kudos

  5. Wow! This is very educative, thanks sir.

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