MAGNE Kamgaing Pricile, testify of GAICAM

My main aim of participating in this year’s GAICAM Annual Leadership and Entrepreneurial Fellowship was to; know how to write a business plan, manage my resources and capital, learn how to innovate my business idea, become a good leader, develop entrepreneurship skills, and gain more experience in marketing.

These expectations were far met and I am pleased to share this with you. My participation in the fellowship has helped me gain a lot, especially on how to raise funds, write a business plan, develop a digital CV, network, communicate properly, and more. The fellowship was indeed a life great opportunity, especially as it has helped me gain a lot of skill.

The trainers of this great event according to my observation were excellent, especially as they had to explain everything in detail with examples, and sometimes using illustrations, thus making the training more interesting.

I am thankful to all the trainers and facilitators, as well as the entire GAICAM team for this great opportunity.

Magne Kamgaing Pricile

GAICAM 2018 Fellow

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