Meet BONY Dashaco: A Cameroonians born African Business Magnet

Bony DASHACO is a Cameroonian and International business magnet resident in Buea with 15 years experience in Entrepreneurship, Media Communication, Marketing, Advertising, and Finance. He is a Chairman of the African Center for Marketing, Advertising and Research (ACMAR) Media group, which is present in over 22 countries in the world that has created over 1000 jobs.

Bony Dashaco hold a double Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Strategic Marketing from the London School of Business and Finance in UK.

Bony DASCHACO is an Entrepreneur/Global Media Communication Consultant, Investment Consultant, Chief Negotiator, Strategist, Roving Ambassador, Government Relations and Marketer.  He has dedicated marketing professional with tested experience in; Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Management Systems, Staff training and development, Speaker and Image Branding, Organizational and Strategic Planning, Management Coaching and Product launch and Consolidation.

He is equally the Owner/President of the following Companies; FULL CIRCLE, OUTCOM AFRICA, BLACK WATERS SECURITY, BROOK & BLAKE, CREA Invent, Passion Minerals and CREDIT AFRICA INVEST BANK.

Dashaco, according to an international publication – FabAfriq Magazine on 04 February 2018, revealed that, he was recognized as he was listed among the top 100 African Leaders of tomorrow as the second on the list through an investigation carried out by the Institute Choiseul.

In an interview granted to him, he quoted “ACMAR MEDIA Group is committed to providing the best Media Communication Solutions and Experiences with a measurable impact on our Clients’ Businesses, using relevant technology and our people, while adopting world best proven practices as our base”. He is equally reported to be a 100% independent Cameroonian, who is leveraging technology to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction. His businesses are rapidly growing and he has operational agencies in the various countries of Central and West Africa.

He pays particular attention to his human resources, which for him is the first showcase of the company. The ambition of Dashaco is to ensure that ACMAR Media group maintains the lead in the 22 countries in which his company is present today. He is positioned as an exemplary boss who relies on technological Innovation, a good Human Resource and a pleasant working environment to take precedence over the competition.

According to a Facebook write-up by Roland Fomundam, the CEO of Green Live Ventures, who is equally listed among the top 100 in Africa, he revealed as of December 15th 2016 that, Dashaco is a man who READS and LISTENS, a man who tries to UNDERSTAND, a man HUMBLE with GREAT SENSE of HUMOUR – very OJECTIVE and very ENDOWED with so much CHARISMA and VIRTUE, an EMBLEM of SUCCESS, a TRUE LEADER in every respect.

He also stated that, his office walls are covered with Knowledge: a STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN FOR THE CONTINENT; a po

rtrait of him symbolic of the Martin Luther King Jr. posture and his CREED which spells out his PROMISE on SINCERITY and INTEGRITY. This was after his Invitation by Dashaco in his office.

Furthermore, he stated that, he has met many and has been challenged in several ways, he has been inspired and motivated to lead…but that, Dashaco has given him more reasons to keep believing in GREATNESS. He stipulates that, he thought Cameroon had NONE….but then he found ONE.

He is typically in charge of channeling investors to the right and appropriate channel for them to achieve their goal and he is also responsible for the overall execution of all consultancy services in his company, directly reporting to his clients and handling his portfolio based on CONFIDENCE and TRUST as well as constantly analyzing the market in order to be aware of new businesses and opportunities.

In January 2018, Dashaco created the Bony Dashaco Foundation (BDF) Inc. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping the needy and haves-not in communities in Cameroon to become self-sufficient. The foundation exists to provide sustainable aid and resources to improve people’s lives. The foundation has its head office in Buea-Cameroon and several branches within the National Territory of Cameroon.

He is also a philanthropist and believes in giving back to his environment most especially by grooming brilliant ideas and investing in high-flyers who eventually become very successful business owners. Besides, his philanthropic activities, Dascho is a supporter of initiatives of Social Enterprises.


  • He has offered more than 1000 jobs across Africa
  • He equally helps and supports nursing mothers by constantly visiting hospitals and providing gifts and aids.
  • He is an advocate of growth for Young African Leaders. Through the YALI networks, he has been able to reach and impact so many especially as he has been a main speaker in some YALI events such as that of 17th of February at Palais des Congres Yaounde YALI Impact SYMPOSIUM
  • He has offered scholarship program to the university of Bamenda for the outstanding students renewable every 3 years
  • in February 9th 2017, he also impacted Youth Day celebration by offering, with a cash gift of 10 million francs each to three schools each in the Wouri, Fako and Meme Divisions who perform well during the March Pass on the 11th of February; and many more.


  • Award Nominee African Scholar of the year 2007 by ABC,
  • Future in Forbes Afrique 2014, Top 100 African manager below 40 years
  • Future in Forbes Afrique 2015, Top 100 African manager below 40 years
  • Future in Forbes Afrique 2016, Top 100 African manager below 40 years
  • Conseils International de Managers Africain Paris , African Manager of the year 2016
  • Junior category 2016.
  • Number 9th Top 100 African Economic leader for Tomorrow Institute Choiseul Paris
  • Vice President, World Communication Council
  • Lead Communication and Media Strategist for the following Brands in Africa




  • Never lose faith in Cameroon. Its faults are yours to fix, not to curse
  • I believe in Hard Work
  • Not anybody who changes his Principles depending on whom he is dealing with, that is a Man who can lead a nation.
  • Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do it. COPIED FROM STEVE JOBS 1956-2011.
  • Strong people don’t put others down….they lift them up


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  5. Reading through made me feel proud to be a cameroonian. I am glad Cameroon has such great minds. I pray to be an archiver and impact lives like you.

  6. CREDIT AFRICA INVEST BANK est elle déjà en activité ?

  7. This is very inspiring. Thanks for the information and write up. I will get there someday by the Grace of God .

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