Meet ALUNGE Nnangsope Macaulay (Mac Alunge), A Remarkable Cameroonian

ALUNGE Nnangsope Macaulay Nzie (popularly known as Mac Alunge), is a Nationally recognized Cameroonian Inspirational Speaker, Business Coach, Author and Award-Winning Inspirational Spoken Word Artist. He is the Creator of ‘Inspire Me’ and the Founder & Leader of Strawacademy Africa, the Inspirational & Entrepreneurial hybrid (non-profit +profit) Organization. Mac uses his writings as a platform to tell the world about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ whom he always refers to as ‘The Why and How behind his works. He believes that he is called by God to this line of work.

Mac always says that undying passion in soul and constant inspiration from the Holy Spirit will keep anyone going regardless of external circumstance. He says: ‘the question is not: ‘who will let you?’ the question is: ‘who can stop you?’

Mac Alunge has received some awards including: (1) GEC-EYE Award (Global Entrepreneurship Corp’s Excellence in Youth Entrepreneurship Award) 2017, received in January 2018; given by Global Entrepreneurship Corp’s (2) Excellence in Art Performance , received in January 2018, presented by DAMA Awards – Dream Africa Movie Awards (3) CMTV Video Award – for the documentary, ‘7 Most Critically Endangered Animal Species in Cameroon’, received in November 2017; presented by Chillen Music TV (4) Recognition of Excellence in Spoken Word Artistry, received in September 2017, presented by the Delegation of Arts & Culture, South West Region, Cameroon (5) Best Spoken Word Video Album – for ‘Inspire Me Video Book Volume 1’, received in August 2017, presented by Zoe Communications (6) Most Devoted Mentor, received in August 2017, presented by C-Life Cameroon (7) Entrepreneurship Coach of the Year 2017, received in December 2017, offered by Renewed Mind Leaders (8) Mentorship Award of Excellence, received in August 2015, presented by Jumpstart Academy Africa After more than 200 Spoken Word performances, and self-publishing of over 12 audio and 4 video albums, he has distributed close to 6,000 Inspire Me Magazines.

With the impact made from slams like Destiny, Pain Gain, The Message, Fear Fear, Today, Last Night, Little Valerie, Risk it, I am future, Spotless Highness, Emjay and A Letter from Zion, Mac is locally referred to as the ‘Father of Inspiration’. He recently recorded the Audio Book for Mbinzenyuy Roderick’s book, ‘The Transformative Power of Thoughts’, and did a documentary entitled ‘7 Most Critically Endangered Animal Species in Cameroon’, for Project Green Video, an Inspire Me Video. Mac Alunge authored the book: ‘How to Start a Business with Little or No Capital’, part of his ‘Strawentrepreneurship Series’.

Through his works, especially audiovisual media works; Mac Alunge has influenced an estimated 1 million Africans with at least one of his works and has had remarkable feedback and testimonies. Apart from being a major source of inspiration and encouragement to several entrepreneurs at some point on their journey, Strawacademy has inspired and directed the creation of more than 16 known startup ventures (profit and non-profit), 7 of which are direct affiliates of Strawacademy.

Mac says it takes a lot of vision, passion, inspiration, dynamism and a rugged get-it-or-die-trying attitude. It takes the grace of God, the direction of Holy Spirit and a lot of prayers and handwork. Clarity of purpose and a consistently strong desire to achieve also counts a lot in this game.

You can contact Mac via: Tel: (+237) 653957382 E-mail: strawacademyafrica@gmail.com YouTube: Strawacademy, LinkedIn: Mac Alunge, Facebook: Mac Alunge, Address: Strawacademy Africa… found currently within Jongo Hub (Checkpoint –Buea / Cameroon)

Come April 29th 2018, Mac Alunge will be having his Spoken Word Event at Jongo Hub Molyko Buea from 5pm prompt. Everyone is going. It will inspiration like nothing experienced before… Register Online Now here: www.strawacademy.com/thespokenwordeventwithmacalunge

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