GAICAM Men & Women Without Blemish Conference

Mindful of the vision of GAICAM: Transforming Lives and Promoting Growth,
Mindful of the commitment of GAICAM to continue to promote family unity, love, and a better society,
Mindful of the fact that GAICAM under stand’s the peace and unity of our society largely depends on the love and unity of our homes,
Mindful of the fact that the future of our children largely depends on the unity, romance and the sustainability of our home,
Mindful of the biggest annual fellowship, which GAICAM shall be organizing in the weeks ahead,
Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) is pleased to announce to the general public that she shall be organizing a MEN & WOMEN WITHOUT BLEMISH CONFERENCE on Saturday 16th June, 2018 at Eta Palace Hotel, Molyko Buea, in prelude to her upcoming Annual Fellowship.
This conference is being organized under the theme: Rekindling Love and Romance in Marriages & Relationships.


The original plan of God was that a man should get married to one and only one woman, and the woman should submit to the man while the husband loves the wife for them to bear children and have a happy home, but now the notion that it’s normal for a man to cheat and the woman to take care of domestic chose have resulted to so many problems that have caused marriages and relationships to be destroyed.

Despite the efforts made by the government and other institutions through conferences and other social media to maintain a cordial relationship and prevent broken marriages, there are still marriages and relationships that communication is a problem ( the more means of communication are derived, the less people communicate effectively ), Finance too is the trigger of many relationship problems as partners can have different views on saving and spending, trust between partners is probably the principal factor for relationship failure, that is, as partners fail to trust each other, the relationships miss the sense of security

In regards to this and many more, the 2018 conference of Men & Women Without Blemish is therefore very crucial, with the aim to bring together these men and women from various backgrounds to enable them understand how they could sustain romance in their relationships, so as to prevent cheating and rebuild broken homes and relationships. This, we believe will help to provide a sustainable path and mutual understanding between men and women, fostering the unity of homes and serving as a guide for singles on how they attract the right partners to their lives, enabling them live their dreams and a happy life.

We have always been committed to promoting family unity and love, for a better society. We believe that the sustainability of relationships and homes has a significant role in the promotion of growth and security of our society at large. This conference will significantly impact and mark a turnaround to the lives of many families and unions and relationships, while helping to significantly reduce the rate of promiscuous activities

CONFERENCE THEME: Rekindling Love and Romance in Marriages & Relationships.


  • To enable participants sustain romance in their relationships, so as to prevent cheating or stop cheating in their relationships.
  • To inspire and motivated singles about the benefits derived from marriage hood and help provided them with insights on maintaining a healthy relationships.
  • To identify common mistakes in relationships which affects the growth of the union and encourage breakups?
  • To identify and provide sustainable solutions to the unanswered relationship, and enable partners live in harmony.
  • To rebuild broken homes and relationships, while providing a sustainable path for stability and mutual understanding in marital homes.
  • To guide singles on how to attract the right partners to their lives, enabling them live their dreams and a happy life.
  • To identify and provide solutions to why men or women cheat in their unions and how it can be prevented.


  • It is expected that at the end of conference, the rates of broken relationships and marriages and its associated effects would have been reduced considerably by 90%.
  • It is expected that at the end of conference participants will acquire knowledge on how to maintain and build a healthy relationship or marriages void of crisis, so as to promote the growth of their relationships and marriages.
  • It will greatly reduce domestic violence in our communities, HIV/AIDS, Promiscuity and other societal ills that result when couples are not educated or emotionally empowered.
  • Moreover, at the end of the conference, it is expected that promiscuous activities and other social vices, which has become the order of the day in our society will be significantly reduce.
  • Finally, the conference will equip participants with knowledge on how to improve family sustainability, relationships or courtship which will eventually mature into a marriage.

CONFERENCE MODULES:                               

  1. Developing & Sustaining Romance in Marriages and Relationships.
  2. Common Mistakes affecting the Growth Unions, encouraging breakups, and the indispensable role of communication in the sustainability of marriages and relationships.
  3. Attracting the right life partners, and Rebuilding broken marriages and relationships.
  4. The truth why men/women cheat in Relationships/Marriages and how to prevent them.



i) Couples Ticket = 3000Frs

ii) Singles Tickets = 2000Frs



i) Couples = 20

ii) Singles  = 20

Who is a couple: These are any two person who currently share some romance, and could either be legally married or in a relationship.

Who is single: This is any individual who wish to attend the conference alone.

Start of seat Booking: 05/06/2018   8:00AM

End of seat booking: 15/06/2018  12:00PM


Secure your seat NOW: 6788 957 57/ 675 595 656/ 676 107 371

WhatsApp: 675 595 656

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