Life will never be easy as long as you keep aspiring to achieve more in life. The more you aspire to be something better in life, the more challenges you should be ready to face achieving your aspirations. However, no matter the level of challenges you attain, never you stop focusing and fighting for your future. I said, there will always be challenges, as long as you seek progress in your life.

  • You may be rejected and hated by the people you love most just because you love what you do and can do it best.
  • Your friends whom you share your vision with, may criticize, and pray for your failure or that the visions never see the light of the day.
  • Those whom you believe supposed support you achieve your dreams may use that as a tool to slow you down or limit you from progressing in life.
  • Even your family may turn their back on you because of your uniqueness and the future they see in you.
  • Each time your light is about to shine, someone, somewhere may show-up to put it off.
  • You may cry all night and pray all day and it will seem as though God does not exist.
  • You may do everything possible and it will seem like your best is not good enough.
  • All your friends may turn their backs on you, and cause you feel so insignificant in their midst to a point where you may want to end your life.

But I tell you this today, you were destined for greatness. Stones are not thrown on fruitless tress. You are only going through these difficulties because you have something special in you that the devil is fighting to subdue. Never give up my dear friend. Continue to fight for your future. The night only get darker when it’s about down. If one door closes, another will definitely open for you. Don’t live your life following others who never see something good in you. If they don’t appreciate your worth, go where your worth will be appreciated. You don’t need someone’s approval to become who God has destined you to become. Create your own world; don’t allow others to create a world for you. You are so unique and special. If only you know your worth, you Will stop settling for peanuts. Go for who you are and not what people want you to be. I believe in you and have great conviction that you will make it big in life. Let’s keep connected. I’m sure our friendship is for a purpose, let’s utilize it well. Keep reading my post on this blog.

Best Regards

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