SAMA Irene, testify of GAICAM

When I heard about the GAICAM Leadership & Entrepreneurial Fellowship program, I was very excited because it has been my desire for some time now to have a training opportunity in leadership and entrepreneurship. Upon arrival, I had a lot of expectation which were indeed met in the course of the training. My first expectation was to learn how to analyze a good business idea. Secondly, I needed to know how I can transform my ideas into profitable ventures with little or no capital.

In the midst of so many challenges, the GAICAM Annual Fellowship has been a great impact to me. I am now able to analyze my ideas to see if it worth executing or not. I can now look careful y into my environment, identify a need and transform that need into a profitable business.

I started producing yoghurt out of Soya Beans but didn’t know how to brand and market this product. Thanks to this fellowship program, I am going back with clear directive on how to scale my product. Above all, the network I built was of great help to me. As a young entrepreneur, I got to meet other people in one way or the other and be able to share constructive ideas.

Thanks very much GAICAM for this great opportunity.


SAMA Irene

GAICAM 2018 Fellow


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Thank you Mme Sama Irene, we are indeed pleased to have had a proactive 2018 fellow like you, we shall always be there to support your project when needed. Keep soaring!