I am TABI COMFORT MBOCKAYA, and very grateful to have been trained by GAICAM. I feel privilege that I was among the few that were trained here today, and I think this day will be remembered because today marked the beginning of of the next stage of my life. The training today has really impacted me and I have been greatly inspired, especially regarding the business world. From the training and skills gotten from this program, I think I can confidently say I have what it takes now to setup my business. I have gotten and acquired much knowledge on how to go about creating a business platform, and I feel so privileged. I have been trained on how to assess my worth, conceive unique business ideas, develop, and start the business with what I have from where I am and many more. I now know the different processes needed to create a business in Cameroon just within 72hours. I have also learned how to recruit and manage the right personnel for my startup, come out with good job description, and also learn how to launch social media marketing campaign for my startup.

I am very grateful for GAICAM and Mr. Taminang Search in particular for the efforts they are taking to transform and impact lives in Cameroon. May God bless GAICAM. I am so privilege and happy to share with you what I feel inside of me.

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