While listening to a popular sound track by R.Kelly titled “Storm is over”, I recalled the various storms some people go through in life and still bounce back to their feet. It made me recall one of my recent articles titled “The Secret of Great Men Are ln Their Stories.” 90% of the people we look and admire and even wish to be like them, all have their storm period. Most have successfully gone through their storm periods before becoming who they are today. Most of them, at some point could not even afford a meal a day, but their determination for a better future keeps them going.

It has been a time to take stock and re-strategize for a better tomorrow. Even the rich have their own storm period, but no matter what they go through, they remain steadfast towards their goals. If a great nation like America can go through a recession, what of an individual. The most important thing is how you plan your way out of the storm.

Our very own Icon “Nelson Mandela” said and I quote “Do not judge me by my success, but by how many times I fall and get up again”
Every individual have their own storm periods. Most at times, these storm comes to strengthen you and enable you better appreciate situations at times. There are times that things might get so difficult to a point where you think of exiting your dreams. When it comes to that state, know that is a period for evaluation and planning. You just have to keep up the faith and stay focus. It doesn’t really matter how many times you fall, what matters is if you are able to get back to your feet again.
My dear friend, there is no true great man or woman without a story to tell. Are you in your storm period? Are you feeling like giving up on your dreams? Do you feel bad because your friends whom you trusted and shared with abandoned you when you needed them most? Hey! Stop feeling that way ok? Whatever you are going through now, you can stand back on your feet again and do even greater things. All you need now is stay focus and positive.

I remembered my role-model President Barack Obama in 2008 during his campaign trail telling the American people “It’s time to get ourselves up as a people, dust ourselves up and start rebuilding our great nation” This great man brought hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak. The people listened to him and did as he said and today, America is back on its feet and doing great.
It’s your own turn to get yourself up, dust yourself up, and start rebuilding your life. No one can do that, except you. I’m always here if you need my help and there are also many out there ready to help you out with your problems.
You can make it! Start now!

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