TIJAG BELINDA N. is my name. I use to be very scared to think of starting a small business due to financial constraints and lack of adequate knowledge on how to go about it. It is true we all have business ideas in our minds, but the most difficult thing is materializing those ideas into a full business. From this training today, I have acquired all it takes to launch a profitable business venture. I realized during this training that what I need first is not even the money as I thought, but a sustainable profitable business idea. I am more confident now and more determine to be an entrepreneur than ever before. I was challenged when I learned that all it takes was a business idea.

Indeed, GAICAM has demystified the myths of high taxes which scares many persons from venturing into profitable business ventures. Now I know exactly where to go, what I need, and how to go about it if I want to start a small business, all thanks to this training by GAICAM.

Last but not the least; GAICAM has inspired me so much and now I know my worth. Now I know that if I have a vision and stick to it, I will definitely make it.

To GAICAM, I heartily thank the team and especially Mr. Taminang Search, the Executive Director for his vision. Truly, GAICAM has made me see myself different and instill more confidence in me. I thank GAICAM so much for this initiative and may God continue to bless GAICAM.

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