Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) depends largely on volunteers for the execution of its projects and activities; as such we do not place any limitation to volunteers’ sphere of intervention and, encourage volunteers who share our vision.

Through our volunteerism program, we recruit volunteers on regular basis to fill the gaps to permit us effectively carry out our activities. Our volunteers must however be ready to get involved in any activity of the organization geared towards the ultimate goal of the organization.

Given the fact that our organization is fully not-for-profit and depends on voluntary contribution to run its activities, we are therefore constantly in need of extra hands to help us in our endeavor towards achieving our goals.


Current Volunteerism Opportunities

At the moment, we have following Top-Management volunteerism opportunities:

  • Director of Finance & Administration (1)
  • Director of Programs & Trainings (1)
  • Chief Internal Auditor (1)
  • Project Manager (1)
  • Technology & Innovation Manager (1)
  • Communication and Advocacy Manager (1)
  • GALEF Program Manager (1)
  • Brand & Opportunity Manager (1)

We offers sufficient guidance to volunteer’s work and where possible, the volunteers are expected to attend trainings sessions, workshops and meetings relevant to any ongoing project which may require their contribution.

Benefits of Volunteering With Us

Volunteer with us, and:


  • Be part of a versatile, motivated and well-coordinated team, working to put smiles on the faces of thousands of young Cameroonians, with an option to get involved at different levels of our programs.
  • Develop your professionalism and career portfolio, working with some of the best minds to achieve remarkable results towards personal and professional goals.
  • Be part of an organization working to develop efficient entrepreneurial training systems that will ease job creation and contribute to policy making in regards to reducing youth unemployment, community crime wave, youth migration, and promoting sustainable peace in Cameroon.
  • Influence the work of our organization in your own way; contribute to our policies, while learning new skills and using existing ones.
  • Meet new people and feel like never before connecting with our rich network from home and abroad.


Volunteers Working Schedule

A typical working week for volunteer is Monday – Friday, working every day from 8am to 3pm, with 1 hour break each day. During weekends, volunteers are free to go about their personal activities, except in situations where we are organizing an event during weekend. Volunteers are allowed to take one week off every 3 months.

On the other hand, for volunteers who do not work from our main office, they will work according to their task from whatever part of the world they might be base.


Types of Volunteers

We accept two types of volunteers: Short-term volunteers and long-term volunteers, between the ages 18 and 65.

Short-term volunteers contribute for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months, unless there is a convincing reason to extend their stay, it cannot be extended. The short-term volunteerism position is aimed at supporting students in search for internship placements, and to allow young job-seekers gain work experience. It is however still open to professionals who are willing to be of help to our course.

Long-term volunteers contribute for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 18 months renewable once. They can be either nationals or foreigners willing to assist in ongoing projects and/or can set up their own projects in direct supervision by GAICAM. The long-term volunteerism opportunity is aimed to give (inter) national young professionals the chance to gain experience before finding their way into the job market or before making a decision about future studies. It is also suitable for the gap year activity and for professionals who want to help our community through their services and for all those who want to give back something to the world in gratitude for its bounty.

To volunteer with us, click here to read more about the various positions and how to apply.

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