We are the cause of our problems

We Africans have imprisoned ourselves and blame it on others. We are far back economically because our actions and the things we have failed to do as a people. You have the right to differ with me, but whether you like it or not, we are the cause of our problems.

We blame foreign governments for interfering in our affairs, resources and others, but yet we are the ones in positions that determine how our affairs, resources and others are supposed to be managed.

We are the ones that have mortgage the future of our youths to those we blame for our predicaments, because of our selfish interest and love for money. We care only about ourselves, and whatever happens thereafter is none of our problems. Why should we then be blaming others for our problems? Are they the ones who collect bribe to vote corrupt politicians into office? Are they the ones who mortgage our continent and the future of our youths for their bank accounts? Are they the ones who mortgage our future for a bottle of beer during elections times? or are they the ones who supposed to provide us good roads, hospitals, schools, and good management of our resources?

NO! We are the cause of our problems, no one should blame this on others because we are the ones in charge.  If we must emerge to become what we ought to have been, then we have to change our attitude towards our people, community, and our continent, so we can truly develop the African continent and improve the economic potentials of our people. We must learn to say NO to those responsible for our current predicaments, and collectively work for our growth.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be manipulated, for together we can achieve more. Let’s not try to copy what’s happening in Europe or America, and think it will work perfectly in Africa. We have to define our own solutions to the problems we are facing. We are unique and have a unique heritage, same as our problems are unique. Let’s STOP comparing Africa to Europe, America and others, we are Africans and we can develop Africa.

We Africans must start consuming our own products. One of the things that are holding us back is the fact that we don’t consume our own products. We believe more on foreign products than our own products. If we don’t consume our own products, how then do we ensure growth in Africa? We need to develop that habit of consuming our own products, so as to encourage creativity, productivity and a stable growth in Africa. Africa is made of more, and we must stand as one to promote our continent and local producers.

Entrepreneurs must start creating wealth for Africa. They must start organizing conferences, talent shows, workshops, seminars, trade fairs and others that can promote our very own brand. African Billionaires and Business persons must start providing grants to Africans with good business ideas. African Leaders must make available funding for African Startups, so they can speed the growth we need. I believe in Africans, and this is the time to make this continent great. Let’s build African Businesses, promote African brands, hire Africans and let the money circulate in our economy. Let’s boost our economy and make it great.

Let’s stop hating ourselves and find a way to complement each other. One of the issues also holding back our growth is that of hate amongst us. We don’t see anything good within our circle. We sometimes setup, blackmail and even kill our own just because they are successful or differ with us. We are the cause of our problem; let no one blame foreign influencers. Arise Africa, let’s build our continent.


By TAMINANG Search to Africans

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