Over the years, I have observed people still have a hazy outline of the values that underlay Conferences/Seminars. My experience from visiting some Private and Public Institutions in an effort to get individuals especially Students indulge in a habit of always attending Seminars/Conferences has always been a pivot of deliberations regarding how snobbish some of the potential audiences used to be when aspects like these are concerned. I have equally realized some individuals come for Conferences/seminars without a pre-occupation. As such they only give-in to a “Try and See” attitude. Fortunately, some are reawakened in the course of attending one while others give a complete deafness to this. To exemplify, Individuals especially Students exhibit a care-free attitude towards handbills or other conference and seminar invitations; they twist fly outs and rubbish them even without glancing at them to know their contents.
This piece of article is intended to bring out the general knowledge behind seminars and conferences and their Core values as well as some of the DON’Ts in a Conference/Seminar ground while providing some recommendations.

Conferences/Seminars generally are designed to give us a superabundance of usable content on a variety of relevant subjects as well as give us an update of all occurrences within an industry(s). Conferences/Seminars are said to offer us the opportunity to be introduced to several industrial experts in a shorter time period and most importantly, allow us to NETWORK with significantly credible people in our specific fields.
NETWORKING – as in engaging into Meaningful, Productive, Professional and Collaborative (MPPC) efforts, free from Non-ethical constraints. Below are benefits advanced as to the importance of attending Seminars/Conferences.

Six Importance of Seminars/Conferences to Students

  • It creates an avenue and a means for Networking with new people within their field. They inevitably help Students to realize their true potentials and challenges them to implement these potentials so that they will become outstanding.
  • These platforms most often give students the opportunity to initiate their ideas in a manner, enough to avoid infamy.
  • Students are given opportunities for collecting presentation material to take home for later referencing.
  • Conferences/Seminars that are accompanied by Participation Certificates help to boost and build up the curriculum Vitae (CV) of Students especially in the domain of their Professionalism
  • They constitute a very good platform for students to get opportunities: Scholarships, Jobs, Volunteerism, Internship, Counselling and Funding.
  • It gives you the chance to learn about free resources which you can try.


To Corporate owners

  • It gives you the opportunity to get answers to your business questions and challenges from credible individuals.
  • Moreover, it allows you to learn about Facts and Statistics that will help you to better understand the market and industry.
  • Also lets you locate potential investors for your business.
    It gives you an insight to and lets you buy new products or services that are available at marked-down prices.
    Furthermore, it creates the opportunity to evaluate the latest Technologies that can potentially help grow your business.
  • Last but not the least, it allows you to increase your Email lists as well as build traffic to your website.

The DON’T’s at Conferences/Seminars

  • Don’t talk constantly or ask absurd questions. In as much as there is nothing wrong in asking a few legitimate questions, you can’t just take up everyone’s time because you are behind on the learning curve. It is important to read and Research as much as possible before attending a Conference/Seminar to avoid being blindsided.
  • Don’t stop the Speaker at a breaks to simply have some small talk in as much as there is nothing wrong with stopping a speaker to quickly introduce yourself and to tell them you enjoyed their speech. You must understand that, their schedules are usually very tight and you ought to respect their personal time.
  • Don’t act like you know more than everyone there. Especially Don’t correct the speakers. This creates enmity and may hurt your interest.
  • Don’t act in a manner that may negatively affect your reputation or that of your business. Always control your drinking and eating at social functions and events, in as much as we ought to have fun. Just be sure that, the impression you are leaving with others is a positive one, otherwise all your Networking will be for nothing.

Conclusion Remark
Conferences/Seminars are not meant for a set of specific people, it is meant for all groups of persons. Hopefully, the ignorance behind Conferences/Seminars will be starved to death as more people gain access to this piece of article around the world. If you must live to see your imaginations become a reality, start indulging in them.


  • Conference/Seminar Organizers should always have slots on the Importance and values of them.
  • Students in an effort to build their professionalism should cultivate the habit of attending Conferences/Seminars in their fields.
  • In an effort to enhance the already existing works of our Government in the quest for Professionalism in Education through its Ministry(s), I hereby recommend that, students should make efforts to belong and participate in the Conferences/Seminars organized in the areas of their Campus Clubs and other recognized institutions.
  • To avoid being blinded, always do Research and Reading before going for a Conference/Seminar.
  • Suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcomed via talk2ajebesone@gaicam.org

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